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How You Should Mow Your Lawn

Lawn mower on grass

Correct mowing means mowing in a way and manner that will keep your lawn healthy, resistant to drought, and strong enough to prevent weeds from growing. Mowing incorrectly may keep your grass short, but it’s a lawn that will face an uphill battle for survival. Here are some mowing tips you should take to heart if you want to have a strong, healthy lawn.

Keep Your Mower Blades Sharp

A sharp mower blade means a better cut – one that cuts grass cleanly as opposed to tearing your grass and leaving a jagged, uneven edge. We recommend that you sharpen your blades a few times a year and avoid detritus like branches and stones to prevent damage to the blade’s surface.

Adjust Your Mower’s Height

Our recommendations are simple: keep your deck higher in the summer in order to allow your grass to grow longer. Tall grass means shaded soil – which helps with water retention and prevents the growth of weeds. Tall grass also grows deep roots – which means it’ll be able to withstand the punishment of long droughts better. The closer to winter you get, the shorter the deck should be. This way you avoid things like snow mold and other issues.

Mowing in The Shade

If you have a lot of shade on your lawn, mow higher. Photosynthesis is meaningful and longer grass means better photosynthesis. While it’s always challenging to prevent your grass from thinning, you’ll at least give yourself a good chance at maintaining a healthy lawn.

Mow in a Pattern

It’s important not to mow in the same direction when you mow. The reason for this is that you prevent the creation of ruts and fewer ruts mean a better chance of avoiding compacted soil. Compacted soil is bad news for a variety of reasons – but the long and short of it is that it makes it harder for your lawn to retain water and thrive. So mow in the same direction and you should be able to avoid this issue.

How to Handle Slopes

Be careful when mowing on a slope and never mow on any kind of hill when the grass is wet. Mow across the slope, not up and down. The clippings – especially when wet – can create a slippery slope and can result in skid marks and present safety issues due to slipping, etc.

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