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How to Keep Your Grass Green

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In the dog days of summer, it can feel impossible to avoid brown spots and keep certain parts of your lawn from turning crunchy. That being said, there are plenty of ways you can protect your grass’s earthy, green glow. Here are some tricks you can use to keep your lawn looking fresh all summer.

How to Mow Your Lawn

The trick to effective summertime mowing is to mow early in the morning or early on in the evening so as to avoid the peak heat that spikes during the day. Also, remember to keep your blades higher and mow on your highest setting. Do this, because when your grass is a little taller, it handles the heat better. All in all, we recommend you mow no more than a third of the lawn’s total height.

How to Water Your Lawn

Knowing when and how to water is crucial to maintaining your lawn’s health. A good, do-it-yourself indicator of when to water is when you step on your grass and it stays matted down instead of springing back up. If it’s doing that, water away! Also – each week your turf should get an inch or so of water as early in the day as you can. Rain normally takes care of this – but when faced with a drought, you need to be a little more attentive than usual. Watering early in the day is good for your soil because your lawn has time to absorb the water and put it to work before the heat of the day causes it to evaporate.

Finally – avoid watering at night. While water is a good thing, if it’s on your lawn too long, it can help grow molds, fungus, and other baddies that can have adverse effects on your grass like causing sun scorch.

Should I Use Lawn Fertilizer?

The big question we get from people is when to fertilize and frankly, the summertime is the time to do it. In the summer, there’s a lot of nitrogen in your grass and because of it – it’ll help the grass stay green! That being said, be wary of fertilizing cool-season grass. These kinds of grass species usually stay dormant in the summer and too much fertilizer will trigger too much growth and too much growth can prevent it from staying green.

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