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Should You Use Sod or Seeding?

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A common decision that homeowners face when giving their lawn a makeover is whether they should use grass or sod. Both will take an investment of both your time and money – but what’s the risk associated with choosing sod or electing to use grass seed? That’s what we’re here to do in our two part series on sod and whether it’s the right choice for your lawn.

Today, we’re going to talk about why you should use sod and what its benefits are not only to your lawn, but what can fit with your schedule in terms of maintenance, time and required investment.

Here are a few of the reasons sod can be a big winner for you and your lawn. Let’s jump right in!

  • It’s fast – Sod is great for making sure that exposed soil doesn’t erode. In addition, it can help provide more direction of rain run-off and improve drainage in areas where grass seed typically gets washed out.
  • It’s flexible -  Sod can be planted at anytime so long as the ground isn’t frozen. Seed, by contrast, can only be planted during certain periods where there aren’t extreme shifts in temperature.
  • It’s reliable – A big detractor to using grass seed is that it tends to dry out, can get blown out of place by wind or even washed out due to rain. Sod is already established and will stay in place exactly where you want it.
  • It’ll save you time – Once sod has been installed and watered for a few weeks, you can walk on it and actually take advantage of its presence. With seed – there’s a much longer wait and a much higher risk that it doesn’t take to the soil.
  • You have a margin for error – Well-maintained and properly maintained sod tends to establish a root structure far more quickly than grass seed does, but also presents significantly less risk of failure. While it’s not recommended, if you forget to water sod for a day during its installation period get pulled away from your home for whatever reason for a brief period of time, it still has a high chance of success.

Next time, we’ll talk a little bit about the downsides of using sod and the challenges it can represent. That being said, if you’re convinced sod is the right choice for you, you can give our team a call today and help you achieve the look and feel you desire.

At the end of the day, both sod and grass seeds come with a whole bevy of benefits – so you really can’t go wrong choosing either. They’re both different routes to get to the same destination – a great looking lawn. That being said, we all want that outcome to be the best possible!

Some reasons as to why you might want to hold off on using sod and perhaps give grass seed a closer look.

  • It’s a lot more expensive – Simply put, sod is far more expensive than grass seed. For some, the cost may not even be an option depending on how much of your lawn you’re looking to redo. Seed is far less expensive, but like we said back in part-1, it comes with its own share of maintenance challenges.
  • Installation – installing sod isn’t as easy as uncovering some dirt and flopping a roll down.  A proper installation can require fertilizer, top soil and the like – so you may want to call in a professional to make sure you’re doing things the right way. It’s not as easy as sprinkling seed.
  • Variety – depending on the look and feel that you’re going with, seed might be your best option simply because there’s a lot more variety in terms of what you can choose. Sod generally comes in only a few species of grass and depending on what you want for your lawn, grass seed might be your best bet – especially if you’re going for something unique. At the very least, you’ll have a lot more options to choose from.
  • Replacement – one of the frustrating aspects of laying sod down is that sometimes you can seemingly do everything the right way and random sections of it won’t take root for whatever reason. Replacing these sections will cost you more money and even if they can take – can sometimes look out of place for a period of time.
  • Regardless of what you choose – grass seed or sod – it’s important that you weigh the options so that you choose the solution that’s best for your specific situation. As we’ve shown here, there’s a lot to think about – but know at the end of the day that your dedication and ability to go the extra mile to make sure the right things are being done to give your lawn the best start possible; that’s what’ll make the biggest difference.

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