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Why Composting is So Important


Breaking up heavy soil

Compacted soil means that grass will struggle to grow roots because there isn’t as much space to grow. This can leave your grass exposed to a whole bevvy of issues – from water retention to the increased possibility of weed growth. When you soil is looser, the soil drains better, maintains nutrients better and allows for the growth of deeper, stronger root systems. Composting will help break up compacted soil and keeps it a fertile place for turf growth.

Bulking up sandy soil

The risk that sandy soil presents to turf growth is that it’s simply difficult for grass to retain water. When it rains – the coarse, thin nature of sandy soil causes water to run off and away from whatever turf is living in it. That leaves the grass especially vulnerable to drought conditions in hotter months.
Composting helps deal with this issue by adding depth and substance to your soil. It’ll help the grass that’s there and most importantly will help maintain the water that tends to be lost with sandy soil.

Sustains the ecosystem

Believe it or not – there is such a thing as beneficial microorganisms, fungi and bacteria. These microbes are the unsung heroes of your lawn, as they manage nitrogen in the soil, digest organic matter and convert it into nutrients that can be used to grow healthier plant life. Simply put – compost is the food these elements need in order to power your lawn. Composting will help these microorganisms do their job better and maintain a healthier overall environment.


Aeration isn’t something that’s helped by composting so much as it’s something that helps maximize the benefits of composting – thus making it an essential component of successful composting. It will insure that your organic material decomposes better and will minimize any foul odors that you might have by spreading your compost. The nutrients from the compost will be able to absorb into your lawn better which leads to deeper roots and healthier turf.

If you’re ready to spruce up your lawn’s visual appeal and make your front yard a healthier place, composting is a must. To learn more, simply give us a call and we’ll come to your home and give you a free consultation.

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