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Get Two Free Lawn Applications in York
If you’re looking for something to take your lawn’s appearance and health to the next level then Seacoast Turf Care is here to help. With our custom application strategy and eco-friendly products, we can give you the best looking lawn all-year-round.
Science-Based Lawn Care

Science-Based Lawn Care

Our lawn care services come backed by years of scientific research. We know what lawn care techniques work to keep your grass healthy and green. Contact our lawn care technicians today to get started.

Free Service Calls

Free Service Calls

We are dedicated to offering the best lawn care service in the business. That is why we offer our customers free service calls in order to determine their lawn care needs and come up with the best plan of action.

Eco-friendly products icon

Eco-Friendly Products

The products we utilize for our lawn care are the best of the best. They are not only effective at treating all of your lawn care needs, but eco-friendly, as well.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Wow! Grass has never looked better! I had to stop service last summer for a while and a big mistake. One treatment this season has made all the difference!

Manchester, NH

Lawn Care in York

Keeping and maintaining a beautiful lawn can sometimes feel like a full-time job, and not one you likely ever wanted. Let us here at Seacoast Turf Care take all the stress of your hands, leaving you just with the perfect results you wanted. Our professional lawn experts supported by exceptional customer service and top-quality equipment give us a highly effective lawn care team. 

Our lawn care in York includes a variety of services, such as:

  • Lawn fertilizer applications
  • Grub, Pest, and Tick control
  • Comprehensive soil testing
  • Aeration treatments 
  • Moisture and Winter treatments
  • And much more!

Cutting Edge Lawn Care Technology

Whether your lawn is afflicted with dead and dying grass, stubborn weeds, or a deeper root problem, it can be difficult to parse through all of the available DIY products. Our team will develop a custom lawn care plan to fit all of your exact needs and make sure that you will see a positive change in no time at all. 

Choosing our lawn care in York gives you:

  • Free service call complete with free soil testing to determine your specific needs.
  • Up to 6 tailored fertilizer visits applying safe and effective growth supplements.
  • Pollinator-friendly grub prevention to keep your lawn and wanted wildlife safe
  • Weather specific treatments, cold protection, and moisture management depending on your needs
  • Detailed information and follow-ups to make sure you are kept in the loop about the treatments your lawn is undergoing. 

All the Product You Need and Nothing More

Here at Seacoast, we pride ourselves not only on the quality of the work but also our efficiency. We understand the worries of over-applying products and can assure you that we use only the amount of lawn care product necessary to achieve the best possible results. Further, we offer completely organic alternatives for the least amount of impact on the important wildlife and the health of your lawn. 


In need of the perfect lawn products? 

Call our expert team today!